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EDIT 10/09:

A couple subtle but big changes:
-I'll do the patreon first (much much less prep time), It'll be ready hopefully early november. Also I'll be simplifying it and make it more community friendly.
-The book will get published on December

I'll email commisioners this weekend, I promise!

Peace out!


Once the artbook launch is over and commissioners appeased, I'll launch a Cartography Patreon.

(If you are not familiar with Patreon please check ).

The Patreon will present 4 maps each month from four different types: Dungeon, Encounter, Location and Settlement (detailed below). Patrons will be able to choose to “suscribe” to any one (or all) of these categories to get a map every month with option to get extras and goodies based on her patronage level. The base patronage for 1 map a month starts at $1.00!

The base map will be presented as a 11x17" spread page both in color and B&W, with flavor text, adventure hooks, with and without grid and tags. All maps will be presented on a creative and realistic way (as realistic as fantasy cartography can be made), so you’ll get designed spaces that make sense with archetictural features that normally are gone on most fantasy maps, and of course every now and then we’ll throw in a classic old-school style map to keep players on their toes with crazy and fantastic architecture!

The maps will be presented as single shot scenarios and sometimes as part of larger scenes where you can connect either literally (as in one map is literally a continued part of another) or as a part of a related location (i.e. A given Location in the Settlement map.)

The map styles are:

The classic adventurer’s tomb (eeer playground) full of traps, monsters and villains! Presented in all kinds of enviromet, either common as sewers, catacommbs, caves, or as exotic as volcano lairs, fronzen tombs or
Samples: Orgoth Cavern by butterfrog*Property of Privateer Press Quephilim Ruins by butterfrog** Property of Monte Cook Games

Small and detailed places for a single elaborated encounter or a few small places for short enconters. These maps are intended to be used as tiles or VTTs.
Samples: No Quarter 57 Caves by butterfrog The Drawbrindge by butterfrogProperty of Privateer Press

Large building complex like castles, monasteries or wizardly schools normally presented on multy level maps that players can visit “normally” without hostile intetions.
Samples: Six Griffons Lodge by butterfrog*Property of Run Amok Games Chelish Bastion by butterfrog**Property of Paizo Publishing

Civilized and not-so-civilized settlements from small and lovingly detailed thorps to large and overcrowded cities.
Samples: Yonderdell by butterfrog*Property of Run Amok Games Pitax by butterfrog**Property of Paizo Publishing

Note: Half these maps are oooold (to my stardards)... The new stuff looks quite nicer, nowadays I have way more experience :)

All maps will be presented with extra options for Players, Game Masters and Publishers; like player handouts, high resolution files for printing or VTT, multilayer PDFs to turn on/off secrets and tags, personalized tags, purchase option for shared IP for commercial uses and more!.

I hope this peeks the interest of cartography enthusiast out there. I’ll give more details about this patreon and steps 3 and 4 in the coming weeks.


PS: I’ll be mailing all commissioners within the next three days.


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