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Druid, Celestial by butterfrog Druid, Celestial by butterfrog

The Iconic Druid from Realms of Strife (Celestial druid, as in sky and beyond) ->

This one is dark skinned halfling summoning a panther (kinda obvious, I know...).

At the crossroads of Faith and Spirit you will find the Druid. Unique among practitioners of the Spiritual Arts, the Druid believes there is no distinction between the powers they wield and the divine hand of the gods. One cannot truly understand the Spiritual world without Faith, but without an understanding of the Spiritual arts Faith itself is misunderstood. This is a balance that every Druid adheres to regardless of their own particular beliefs. Despite this unifying factor, the Druidic faiths and the Conclaves that follow them are among the most varied and fragmented of all Faiths, for any number of Conclaves may revere an entirely different aspect of the same god. Fortunately, some Druidic Faiths are inclusive enough to recognize this fact. Yet for others who follow gods, demigods, demons, and powerful beings with far more malicious and sinister intent, this can lead to wholesale slaughter and bloodshed all in the name of the same deity.

Among Druids you will find some of the most versatile heroes, villains, and adventurers, for the unique combination of Faith and Spirit provides a vast array of powers at their disposal. Depending on the Druidic Conclave they belong to, Druids can perform virtually any role in a group. Some may find that the confines of a Conclave are too restrictive and seek to make their way alone. This can be an alluring option; many a Witchdoctor or Mystic are found in wild places of the world as a result.

Regardless of the Faith they follow or the Conclave they belong to, Druids are most often found on the outskirts of Society. Their unique belief system can sometimes set them at odds with established Faiths, driving them to meet in secret or establish remote communities where they can live and practice their Faith in relative obscurity.
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