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First of all: Feliz Año Nuevo!

December came and went without much illo-work getting done, family life (and mess!) got more intense than the usual holiday season mostly because once again I had home remodelations getting done... I didn't event got to finish the Realms of Strife pending characters and that was a must :(

Anyways, priority is still overdue commissions, I'll start uploading the sketches that I already have.

December's going to get busy!

Starting next week I'll start uploading all the stuff I was supposed to do (and post) like two months ago... So, fasten your seat belts and prepare for the coming Butterfrog!

Speaking of B'frogs, I'll continue inking these buttery fellows up to the 31th species, I hope you like'em!
October is ending and I'm glad to say that lots of stuff happened this month on the art front.

First, I took on the Inktober thingy. I drew 15(+1 tonight) buttefrogs and confirmed that my inking SUCKS but it actually improved a bit around the 13th+ frog, so it served it's main purpose, which is practice. It's second purpose was to get me inspired and rolling on artwork and I must say it worked beautifully, to the point that I put the frog aside to get back into my previously owed work -fulfilling previous commitments! which leads me to:

Second, I'm back on commissions, both professional and private. I've started on a couple of single-character commissioners -whom I should be done with this week- and there are still a couple more commissioners with a couple characters each that I have to deliver before moving to the last queue list I did. I took this past week (last one of october) to warm up and finish the second-last to final batch of characters of Realms of Strife and to sketch the character's commissions.

So, October was a great start up month to the coming to months of wraping up looong overdue commissions, FINALLY!

Changed my mind and I'll be posting the inktober drawings in here as well, mostly because of the tools in here allow me to re-publish it automatically over Facebook and Twitter.

Regarding commissions I'm still working on that email to previous commissioners. I'll be doing that pending -current commission WIP- I meant to a while ago, starting by this weekend.

If you are not familiar with Inktober, you can check it in here ->

I'll be doing 31 inked Butterfrogs (these are butterfrogs)

  Butterfrog Chart by butterfrog

I'll be doing this for 3 main reasons: First, to renew my love for drawing which will bring get lots of inspiration and motivation. Second, to try and fall back in line with commitments (I used to be very serious with delivery dates...) and to invite a bit of discipline back into my illustrative ways. Third, because drawing butterfrogs is super easy, a lot of fun and they mean a lot to me, and these will be mildly simple B&W illos that I can whip up real fast, so it won't affect my schedule (mostly)

I'll be posting these over facebook… and then the full compilation in here, in order not to spam you Deivant Watch on a daily basis.


Sorry for the continuous delay, all vacation time since July have come crashing down on my between canceled days off and untimely visits to the doctor and hospital. The other BIG reason I've been delaying this is because I've been taking care of myself lately. Finally I've come to realize that if I want to take proper care of my family and my resposabilities (like overdue commissions)  I needed to take care of my self first, so after several Notrition doctor appointments and books on philosophy (yup, philosopy!) I'm happy to report that I'm finally out of a 5-year long depression that got me overweight for over 44 pounds (of my "standard" overweight) to a scary total  of 269 pounds... Now I'm down to 229ish (Still 40 more to lose!) thanks to healthy diets an habits and lots of exercise. The exercise in particular keeps me in a very good mood and full of energy but a bit in pain (good pain!) and a bit tired (the irony).

This change of health habits (for good!) has kept me a bit busy and very very happy which reflects on my family, so, now I can honestly say I'm 100% ready to get back on track. I'd say that recovering my professionalism is my final step into total happiness, and I'm very glad you have been so patient with me.

I'll be contacting you soon (again) with good news and details about schedules.

Thank you all for the continued patience and support!
Happy Hugo</b></b>
Aaaand it's september already and no commisisons in sight yet...

I'll be taking a week off vacations starting next friday the 9th to make sure we start these long delayed commissions. This is my last week of vacations before the year's en so I'll make sure to make it count.

More news next week!

Terah ->…

The first Terah novel, Wolf's Pawn, is about how Sajani Adida, the Minister of Defense for the nation of Vharkylia, became Sajani, the Lady of Rust, the Copper Wolf, and the most famous of the privateers fighting against the high elves during the Campaign of Steel and Lightning.

In preparation for its release in the fall of this year, we're holding a couple of contests. The first is for artists and starts now. There will be three winners, with prizes of $100, $50, and $25. All winners will also receive an advance digital copy of the novel, one week before the official release. If there are more than 25 entries, we'll also award four runner-up winners with an advance digital copy.

So be sure to share this with your artistic family and friends.

The subject is really simple: Draw us Sajani:

Sajani by butterfrog

Any medium is fine, as long as we can receive a digital version of it. We prefer PG rated art. We don't even want to see Rule 34. One version of her is included in this post. You can also draw her mother, Malita Adida, but you'll need to read parts of the novel for that, which I can provide. Any other characters from the story can be pictured with her. I'll be posting descriptions of many of them soon.

Here's a few helpful hints on her appearance:
1. Her hair is described as copper, so there's some leeway there as long as it's not green.
2. Her fur pattern is based on the Mexican wolf.
3. She's a feral warden (paladin/ranger) and wears black leather armor with rust highlights.
4. There's some gem work on the cuffs and collar that can't be seen in the image. (red and blue)
5. She uses several weapons, including a saber with a blackened blade and a copper hilt.
6.The bow looks like it does below.
7. The rifle shown is one of the Vharkylia standard issue, but after the first encounter with the high elves, she switches to one of their weapons, which looks like a cross between an M-16 and an AK-47.
8. Her symbol is a rust silhouette of a howling wolf (very stylized) with banners above and below that read "I can still/hear the cannons." It appears on the left chest of her armor, but you can't see it in the image. Her flag is the same and she uses it a lot. She has small versions of it that she gives to freed high elf prisoners.
9. Her ship is an airship that looks like a standard sailing vessel (I picture a kat, but am very open on this as the book doesn't get specific) without the masts. The main body is red with a grey forecastle (the deck is unpainted) and a figurehead of a howling gray wolf. The front bottom is paned glass with the helm behind it. There are five metal circular plates evenly spaced behind the helm.

Did I mention that you should share this with all your artistic friends and family?

Terms and Conditions:
No purchase necessary. Valid only in places that receive payment via PayPal. We're not responsible for loss of value through currency exchange, although we'll do our best to be fair about it. Not valid for artists that have already received payment from Rossi Publishing Games for art. Not valid to anyone that knows Carl Rossi personally because he can't be quite that impartial. Official judges will be announced later, but Carl is one of them. Deadline is midnight July 31, 2016. Winners to be announced no later than August 15, 2016. Rossi Publishing Games reserves the right to post your submission on our Facebook page, but only the three winners will have their entries purchased by us for additional use in our products. All other artists retain rights to their work and are only restricted from using the protected content mentioned in the OGL for the Terah World Guide. Ask us if you need more details on that. We do reserve the right to not award prizes if none of the art meets our standards, but that's very unlikely.


UPDATE 06/13: I'll be emailing all of you over the week to touch base and check up on your commissions, gotta stay organized to speed things up!
I'll start with the long overdue commission WIPs and updates by this weekend.

I have several artsy news that I'll be updating later on while the month rolls out, I just needed to update the commissions journal without further delays.

LOTS of artwork to come!

Semester was over yesterday and the final expositions and class stuff are over today.

Next week I start art crunch time. I'm close to finish with the epic project Realms of Strife and I'm seriously motivated at the moment, so whatever art time I had the past 3 weeks I was very efficient, and I'm hoping I'll continue on this roll which means lots of art done!

It'll take me a couple more weeks to wrap up the Realms of Strife project but since I'll have lots of time in my hands now I'll be able to squeeze at least two pieces per week among that time, so, expect news on the (due) commission by next week and WIP sketches!

And soon the semester will be over...

My dayjob consist of tending a print shop at a Major University, the coming two weeks (May 2nd to 16th) are serious crunch time (finals...) but right after that is "vacation" time 'cause summer term is nearly a dead one.

I'm close to wrap up the Realms of Strife uber gig and then I have lots of commissions to whip out. I'm super excited because I'm finally managing to work out a routine and this means a steadier work flow and finally a real chance to promise and fulfill deadlines!

After I finish those commissions I'll dive into Butterfrog Studio stuff, something I've been itching to do since the year started.

Good things are coming!
Gosh, is April already!

Still working on that Realm of Strife project... as you may have noticed March was a dead slow month, but I did get to publish some previously done stuff (maps mostly). There are still several characters pending on that RoS project, but as I still intend, I'll squeeze a few private commissions along those RoS iconics to "refresh" the creative juices and to speed up a bit those long due commissions. The schedule remains the same, this month I'll clear the RoS queue

I have a few map commisisons in the horizon, which means I need to hurry to get the overdue character commission out first to be able to do those coming maps!

I'm still putting on hold the Butterfrog Studio stuff, I'm super eager to start with it but I won't be able to do it in peace while I still owe work...

April is Turbo month, I'll be posting two-three characters a week again. The Realms of Strife will be done by the end of the month and then we'll be doing exclusively the due private commissions. :D

Moving forward with the Realms of Strife project which, unless health issues gets in the way (hopefully not!)- it will be finished just before the end of the month, and then due commission delivery hits turbo!

I'll make time to do 2-3 commisisons while I wrap up the Realms of Strife, because for me it's always good to have a change of pace on long projects to refresh and keep creativity sharp.

Butterfrog Studio publishing is still on hold until I'm done with my due work, but I'll give away lots of news bout it en Eastern (21-25 of march) because it's about time ;)


PS: As before, I thought I should tell you what I was up to. Once we start full time on comish work I'll post a queue so that commissioners know when to expect their due artwork.
Last year I ended it with several new objectives in line, and I'm slowly working my way towards them. The lis of priorities is:

1. Finish ALL pending artwork commissions: This is going slow and steady. I've delivered several private but the list is still a bit long, but it will get decreased considerably this month. On the professional side I'm working on my last (and rather extensive) pending gig, which is a major milestone since I had been dragging a long list of overdue professional work for over a year...
Finishing all the private commissions have taken me longer than expected but is a steady going, so I hope I'll be deliver everything by next month. I'll change the procedure and send sketches first and then color so that everybody gets to see their stuff sooner.

2. Start up Butterfrog as a publisher: This one is the trickiest since I plan on doing it properly, and that means the develoment of a full corporate image and branding. Still BfS's (Butterfrog Studio) objective is to be a design studio with a focus on providing art, cartography, graphic design and development for publishing companies and private customers. Publishing would be a secondary focus. BfS official launch is yet to be defined

3. Art book!: I've been looking forward to get this one done and nowadays I have enough color material to fill a decent-sized book. Once I get the BfS brand image together this book will follow shortly :).

4. Art and Gaming art blog: I've start an art "blog" with an epic fantasy theme. These will be sketches posted with a short description on the art that will appear on my facebook, which I'll link once it gets started by the end of this week :)

So, busy busy year!
08/12/2015 "Semi-vacation" time starts at the day job, and real vacation time coming in 2 weeks. More time for illow-work coming soon. I'll try to whip out something this week but if not things will go a lot faster starting next week.
27/11/2015 Moar commissions to delivered next week!

EDIT: 01/11 Sick week... I've been quite sick for a week now, with fever, joint pain, rash and lots of swelling (eyes, ears, hands, feet...). Quite a week. Feel a lot better now thou I still have a few doctor appointments to confirm what kind of virus I caught.

Sorry for the unproductive week, I'll try and catch up ASAP!.
EDIT 24/10: No especific news yet, they found an anomaly but not the especific anomaly they were looking for, and it's condition can't be identified without further research. Now my wife and I are under the microscope, literally.

One good thing came out from this, I feel my wife and I have come closer to accept peacefully whatever comes to happen, so all in all I think we came back with our hearts a bit relieved and we'll just keep living with the life we've been given and care for it and enjoy it as much as we can.

PS: You'll find this is a strange place for me to post this kind of news, and it is. I do it because this is kind of my private corner. None of my close family or friends (the local Mexican friends, that is) come in here, so I get to vent the stuff I rather keep private. So it kind of stays private in here.

Thanks you for your kind thoughts and comments, now back to the drawing boaed!

This coming Friday the 23 we have a hospital appointment regarding our boy’s genetic condition that may change the rest of our lives… It’s been an 18 month uncertain struggle and it may be just starting… It’s a quite nerve wracking and stomach churning situation that has seriously reflected on my ability to trurn artwork jobs in.

Prayers are uttered, fingers are crossed…

If the news are favorable, then we'll be able to dream of a "normal" life. Our boy still has a surgery to follow and he may never be 100% ok, but not having the genetic condition sure beats any other of his current health issues.

If the news are unfavorable, well...

In any of these cases my life as an illustrator will intensify right away, either by an enlightenment of heart or by a notion of impending necessity.

Talk to you soon
EDIT 10/09:

A couple subtle but big changes:
-I'll do the patreon first (much much less prep time), It'll be ready hopefully early november. Also I'll be simplifying it and make it more community friendly.
-The book will get published on December

I'll email commisioners this weekend, I promise!

Peace out!


Once the artbook launch is over and commissioners appeased, I'll launch a Cartography Patreon.

(If you are not familiar with Patreon please check ).

The Patreon will present 4 maps each month from four different types: Dungeon, Encounter, Location and Settlement (detailed below). Patrons will be able to choose to “suscribe” to any one (or all) of these categories to get a map every month with option to get extras and goodies based on her patronage level. The base patronage for 1 map a month starts at $1.00!

The base map will be presented as a 11x17" spread page both in color and B&W, with flavor text, adventure hooks, with and without grid and tags. All maps will be presented on a creative and realistic way (as realistic as fantasy cartography can be made), so you’ll get designed spaces that make sense with archetictural features that normally are gone on most fantasy maps, and of course every now and then we’ll throw in a classic old-school style map to keep players on their toes with crazy and fantastic architecture!

The maps will be presented as single shot scenarios and sometimes as part of larger scenes where you can connect either literally (as in one map is literally a continued part of another) or as a part of a related location (i.e. A given Location in the Settlement map.)

The map styles are:

The classic adventurer’s tomb (eeer playground) full of traps, monsters and villains! Presented in all kinds of enviromet, either common as sewers, catacommbs, caves, or as exotic as volcano lairs, fronzen tombs or
Samples: Orgoth Cavern by butterfrog*Property of Privateer Press Quephilim Ruins by butterfrog** Property of Monte Cook Games

Small and detailed places for a single elaborated encounter or a few small places for short enconters. These maps are intended to be used as tiles or VTTs.
Samples: No Quarter 57 Caves by butterfrog The Drawbrindge by butterfrogProperty of Privateer Press

Large building complex like castles, monasteries or wizardly schools normally presented on multy level maps that players can visit “normally” without hostile intetions.
Samples: Six Griffons Lodge by butterfrog*Property of Run Amok Games Chelish Bastion by butterfrog**Property of Paizo Publishing

Civilized and not-so-civilized settlements from small and lovingly detailed thorps to large and overcrowded cities.
Samples: Yonderdell by butterfrog*Property of Run Amok Games Pitax by butterfrog**Property of Paizo Publishing

Note: Half these maps are oooold (to my stardards)... The new stuff looks quite nicer, nowadays I have way more experience :)

All maps will be presented with extra options for Players, Game Masters and Publishers; like player handouts, high resolution files for printing or VTT, multilayer PDFs to turn on/off secrets and tags, personalized tags, purchase option for shared IP for commercial uses and more!.

I hope this peeks the interest of cartography enthusiast out there. I’ll give more details about this patreon and steps 3 and 4 in the coming weeks.


PS: I’ll be mailing all commissioners within the next three days.
As mentioned in my past journal, I'm doing serious prep work to start doing my own stuff besides the freelance illo work, and the first out of three steps (alongside finishing the pending commissions) will be to build up a presentable portfolio and "corporate" image, and in this case it will be in the form of an Art Book.

This 96+ pages Art Book will contain most of my color work (published and private) from the past 4 years, which will be:
-Characters and Creatures (120+ illos!)
-Cartography (36+ maps!)
-Covers and scenes
-Miscelaneous (Objects, icons, logos, cartoons, etc.)

The book is intended to be not only an art portfolio, but also a bit of a practical reference so that it can be used as a fantasy illustrator/cartographer/concept designer guide and a player's inspirational source. This means all will be presented on practical separated groups (classes, races, items, etc) and I'll include several step by step illos and "design notes" for the curious and inquisitive.

Along with the book I'll do LOTS of goodies as extra for the people who may want to help me out by purchasing one (or two...), these in the form of bookmarks, postals, prints, stickers and other kind of art-related gaming useful (or simply decorative) "swag".

I'll make the book available throu direct email order, conventions (veeery rarely) and of course on the launch at Indiegogo or Kickstarter (KS beign highly unlikely) and should go live by the end of October.

Commissioners and Publishers who get their artwork included in the book will get a complementary (free!) PDF of it.

Next week I'll reveal a bit more about the book and steps 2 and 3 of this process, the steps that could involve the commissioners that I owe work to.

Starting on othe last quarter of the year I'll be moving up to my next big career dream on illustration and gaming, and that is to start/continue to publish. I've published a couple of times in the past (literally a couple times...) so I'm not entirely new at it, and that was something I shouldn't had drop but it allowed me to incursionate on a different field -and I think my strongest- whichy is cartography. So if you value art, cartography and visual enhancements just as much as written content, then this will be your kind of thing. Of course I'll continue to do freelance artwork, but I'll be focusing more time on doing my own stuff.

I have plenty of previous commitments to fulfill before fully lauching this, (hence the three month period to slowly make the change) and also important, I have a big proposition to do to my overly patient commissioners to compensate them for their awesomeness which involves their commisisons, getting free stuff and getting published. I'll be contacting all people I owe stuff wihtin this week.

I still brewing an important prep campaign for this launch, something I hope to acomplish by the end of the month. I'll be leaking clues in here on a weekly basis (and on the Paizo message boards) for the people that's been following my work for a while and that may be interested on art-heavy RPGs and I'll keep track of those people really interested and that followed this from the begining (that it would be right now on this journal), so post on the comments section and let me know you are interested on see what this is about and I'll keep track of the people who "joined" up since the very begining to grant them "special status" and freebies.

EDIT 07/09
I've been having a bit of daily life issues that have prevented me from moving forward at the desider pace. Hopefully this week will be the last one at the comatose-turtle speed.

Thanks for the continued patience and support!

Today is my last day at dayjob before I start a very much awaited 2 week vacations. Starting tomorrow I'll be posting updates in commissions every other day. I wwas hoping to start this sin June but the summer period turned out to be a busy (not too busy) one at the office.

Anyway, LOTS of characters coming this way!
EDIT 07/07:
Forgot to mention, if you want to change your commission feel free to do so, just contact me with the new character(s) info and voila!.

Sketches will start to appear in a few days... :D


Starting July I'll cranck up all belated commission delivery. This was supposed to start this nearly gone June but there was a bit of hold up with my colorist and he'll be starting on Wednesday.

So, this will work on a first came first served basis. I'll start doing all B&W first and after I'm done with all of it, I'll continue with the colors. This will give the colorist plenty of time to get down to business and I'll be able to deliver stuff faster for everyone. By mid july I should be done with most of the commisisons's B&W and most likely the colorsit will be base coloring at the same rate I do B&W. By the end of July I should be done with all B&Ws and starting to detail the flat colors.

So, start up the engine!...
NEWS! June 11

Butterfrog Studio is growing (at least for a month...)! In order to speed up the due commission queue I've hired a colorist who will help me to lay out flat colors. This saves me from 3 to 4 hours per characters and the style does not change, since the shading/highlighting process is the one that imprints the styles, yo!, so things will come faster colorwise.

Next week you'll start to see lots of character WIPs


Now starts the summer period at the dayjob and it's a very relaxed time, which means I get to go home all fresh, crispy and ready to continue doing lots of artwork.

I'm wrapping up a couple big jobs and organizing my schedule to resume working on the overdue commissions. I'll do some warm up this week and then I'll be posting WIPs and lots of finished artwork for the next weeks until the very beggining of August.

It's been a loooong while since I posted character commission artwork, that is about to come to and end.

And so I've come to my final lap (this week!) where I'm held up by big contractors or personal issues!!!

Illustration work wise, things are busy as usual, but the one thing that has kept me away from overdue commissions, (that is big time contractors or way overdue Kickstarter projects) are finally wrapping up. Nowadays I still have a few professional commissions but those are withing schedule and not too time demanding (except for that one with lots of characters, which is a very special case ;) ). I'm finishing the last project withing the next few days, and by the end of the week, I'll be a free-and-on-schedule artist that has time to do other overdue work.

My family is as OK as it can be. Our baby is still going to lots of physical therapy ans stuff and this year will go into "minor" surgery (still sedated and cut open surgery!) and we are still a bit nervous about that, but other than that every things to be "fine" at the moment. This finally allows for a bit of wife+hubby time and a bit oif winding down stress-wise.

Reaching this point has taken me about 3 years... The feeling of coming "freedom" is VERY inspirational and the fact that the family is doing OK makes my mind a lot clearer, so get ready for a lots of characters artwork starting next week.

To all my overlypatient commissioners: Thanks you SO MUCH for beign so patient and understanding, I'll do my best to make it up to you for your looong wait.

To work!
UPDATE 20/April
For the last couple months things have got slightly more stable with our son, and that have given way for the other trouble to rear its ugly head, the kind of trouble that remains on the background when bigger trouble needs to be taken care of. This resulted on a dead slow phace of work (again). Thou I'm still working things out, life is starting to shine bright and inspiration is flowing back!

I haven't been posting more updates because other than A LOT of personal stuff, I had mostly nothing new to say on the art front until last week. I've been rather productive this past week and withing then next ten days I'm going to be out of my last big contractor commitment and thus able to get back to my way overdue commission work (among other lingering contracts! ;) ).

So, I'm finally making progress towards overduecommissions work. I hope you all have me a bit more patience (as in a couple weeks) before you start seeing that stream of commission work I've been promising for a looong while.

If any commissioner need specific info or else, please contact me and I'll reply right away.